Congratulations, you open this letter ! You can not imagine , perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world is happening in your life ......

You may find it  is very strange , I have to tell you: immediately make you incredible things will happen !

Perhaps the fate of your business will therefore change ......


Special remind you : Would you please put aside your side ...... please calm down to work ...... do not let anyone disturb you !

Otherwise, you may lose a change in corporate destiny, life-changing opportunity !


To solve the problem of printing equipment , is to find the so-called professional printer vendors, just as you recommended several printers, or go to the show / network struggling to find the products they need ? Develop their own printing software ? Their own way solution ?


Is not there a better alternative?


Special note: Do not believe any other so-called professional printer manufacturer , and do not freeloaders free to buy , unless you spend five minutes , carefully read this letter !


Dear Friends:

1 . Are you a print problem you take a lot of detours product ?

2 Do you buy a lot of samples, but have no technical support and had to find another supplier for their own ?

3 . Is it because you do not support the supplier , leading to slow progress of the development of their products ?

4 Have you set up your own technical team , but for printing , are helpless or low stability !

5 Even so you still did not give up , still hoping to find a good partner !


If there is an answer to the above is yes , then the next letter will help you relieve confusion.


Please wait a moment, I will give you unlock secrets ......

I know you are a very patient friend, I hope you patiently read on , because this story is a bit long ...... but I guarantee you will have seen the end of an unexpected surprise ! ! !



" DaPu technology" is a Chinese professional micro- ticket printing solution providers , the founder of more than 80 elite talent , you may have heard of us , or may not know me.

It Does not matter, we are going to be a lifetime benefit for you may exchange -


Do ticket printing , you need a dedicated team to serve you !

How best peace of mind, spend the least money , with an own , efficient , professional and technical team ? If you do not build the technical team , if you do not understand technology , if you do not

Your team is not good time management ......

And have wanted to have a part of your own , efficient , professional and technical team ; Well, I am here to tell you an important message ...... I would recommend this one for you

Industries experienced seven years of ups and downs , has a team of experienced


Meet our team member from the heart

* 2007 began to get involved in the field of micro- printing ;

* 2010 in Xiamen began to build a micro-playing team ;

* 2012 was officially established in Xiamen , Xiamen da Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. ;

* 2012 successfully developed the Android version of the Bluetooth printer , IOS version of the Bluetooth printer embedded ;

* August 2013 successfully developed a SMS message printer ;

* November 2013 through the efforts of the team successfully developed a 2-inch portable Bluetooth printer , support for Android and IOS, the world's first supply, and 2 -inch miniature embedded fight

Printing equipment , mainly to provide printing solutions for the medical and other equipment ;

* 2014 study by the market research and upcoming products that my friend was added to the latest long-awaited three -inch portable Bluetooth printer , the printer set of the most Collar

First of technology, providing customers a better solution to the problem , to achieve practical , convenient, save money , peace of mind purposes, more high-tech and practical new products , so stay tuned ! There you are

Unexpected surprise.


Success in life a little bit in front of the trough

I am talking about is not just the story of our team , but also the more entrepreneurial team 's story , believe their team , they do not give up, as long as you continue to pursue progress , will succeed ! In fact, on the way to success

In front of you trough a little bit, if not a breakthrough, if not across the past , if you give up, in a few years later, you will regret it !


Our team members come from?

   Our team members are 80, from Hubei and Fujian, we are looking forward to a better future, we are

Come to know everything is not easy, so we walked down to earth , so that more customers know us , the

Our solution , to better help customers solve problems.


We have a grateful heart !

    We always user-centered , continuous development of more useful products to repay you. We have always recognized

Since the product is made it must have excellent service , whether it is online or offline sale and after-sale , short on

Is for the user to solve problems is the key, not allow users to buy a product does not take anyway . So

Both on their own are not responsible , but also to believe that our customers are not responsible .


We dare to promise :

We have confidence in you and the user undertaking any product you have purchased we will not hesitate to implement domestic

Warranty policy , if you can not meet the demand, we now give you a refund . If the product appears in the 30 failures,

Unconditional return policy . If the product is unusual in a year, give you the unconditional maintenance. Also please cherish your

The purchased products, because it is your good helper , you have to cherish her !